Latest Past Events

Nonbinary anthology release

BEHIND THE SUN, ABOVE THE MOON, a nonbinary, SFF anthology, release February 17th. You can preorder here.

New Ardulum short releases – Nicholas POV in the cockpit scene

At the end of December, Patreon members will get a special short--the cockpit scene between Atalant and Emn from SECOND DON, rewritten from Nicholas' POV. Why was he standing there? Why did he interrupt them just as they were about to kiss?? Is Nick the world's biggest clam jam? Time to find out!

Wizard World Portland

Oregon Convention Center Portland

I'll have a table at Wizard World again this year, February 22-24th, in Portland, OR. Stop on by and pick up a book or swag. If you want to chat I will definitely be happy to discuss TALES FROM THE CHARTED SYSTEMS!